Irish Poker Open 2017


I fell in love with the Irish Open approximately 18 seconds after walking in through the doors, of what on a normal day is just a huge funciton room out at City West Hotel. It had been transformed into a little poker player's paradise, complete with 24 hour bar. There was a little céilí going on right inside the door to the left, a group of drunk scandis playing shuffleboard to the right. It was 3pm on a Thursday. The pints were in full flow. There was so many familiar faces about, with everybody in such high spirits it was fantastic to catch up with all the faces I hadn't see in months/years. This was the Irish poker player's Christmas party. I've never really felt all that much party of the Irish community, but I had an instant feeling of regret that this was the 1st time I'd set foot inside the Irish Open for (mostly because I was never in the country but still), let alone actually played the main event. I was going to enjoy this and make the most of it regardless of how the tournament played out.


2017 1

It’s funny how things become harder the longer you leave them. Skip the gym one day? No big deal you’ll get back on it the next day usually. Leave it for 2 weeks/one month/a year etc and you’ll make excuse after excuse as to why you’re not going to go today. Then there is how days become weeks which then turn into months when you leave it too long to pick up the phone and call somebody who at one point in your life, you’d spend hours each day hearing about every minor detail of their life. You could talk for hours and hours about everything and anything. Then you drift so much that the person who at one point you confided in above everybody else, is now a stranger. You don’t know where to start and all you can muster is small talk; ‘How are you, how’s work, any plans for the summer’. Standard bullshit that you give to the guy you run into on the bus that you were in school with but you never particularly liked anyway. We all let it happen. That’s how I feel about writing this blog right now.

Surrounded by Fins


I've just been putting off writing this blog for the past few weeks out of sheer laziness. I've kind of run out of excuses now. I've be grinding some long hours recently at times, however due to internet technical issues the past few day's I've put in close to zero hours.

25 and none the wiser.

25 1

25 years old. 20 years since I started school. 17 years since I watched France win the World Cup in my Grandad's house. 7 years since I had my first legal drink. 4 years since I decided to become a professional poker player. There is obviously so many different milestones I could put in here. They were just the first few that came to my head. I know I'm not old. 25 though. Time is flying by. Thankfully for this birthday I had two of my best friends from home to celebrate with me.




I was greeted with the most fantastic bit of news the Monday morning I woke up due to set off on my little 3 weeks adventure. One of my best buddies Ste aka Maloney had shipped the Bigger 11 on Pokerstars the night before and he was going to be joining us for Tomorrowland! There's not many people I can think of as a better addition to a group than Ste.

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