Surrounded by Fins


I've just been putting off writing this blog for the past few weeks out of sheer laziness. I've kind of run out of excuses now. I've be grinding some long hours recently at times, however due to internet technical issues the past few day's I've put in close to zero hours.

So here we go, time to catch up on what we've been at in recent weeks. I'll pick up where I left off.

In my previous blog I raved about how fantastic Tomorrowland was, an experience and weekend I would recommend to everybody to try at least once. I also briefly mentioned how I decided not to join the rest of our Tomorrowland crew continuing the weekend in Amsterdam. That was a decision made with a heavy heart just to ensure that I made it to Finland for Mimmi's summer party. Well, here we were with two nights sleep in us and unsure whether I could make it. I'd never felt quite so broken. After looking into changing flights, contemplating just not going at all and rocking back and forth in the fetal position for many hours, I finally manned up. The main reason being that I sacked off Amsterdam to make it to Finland. If I was to miss both the abuse would have never ended. Peer pressure at it's finest.


I got into Finland on the Thursday and I have to say it almost took me until the pool party on the Saturday for me to recover. I was a shell of myself. Just too old to be spending 5 days in a field on a mad one and expecting to be instantly ok. I can't even imagine what it was like for people who had to go to work the day after they got home. The lads were of course out on Thursday and Friday in the local club 'Frida'. I managed a total of about an hour there before retreating to bed. There was good entertainment at home in the form of James, Mimmi's boyfriend and my good friend who was getting on like a house on fire each night after a few beers with Ulla, the mother.

Once everybody surfaced on the Saturday morning, I WAS BACK!! We got some beers in, cheeky bit of food. We were ready to go. Mimmers told everybody to come at around 5pm because unlike in Ireland, when you tell a bunch of Finnish people what time to come to a party, instead of fashionably late, they will be incredibly early. People started filtering in around 3pm and the games of redass and beer pong were flowing. Fast forward about 10 hours and the Po Po have been called aka the police. It was obviously just a noise complaint, but the funniest thing of when they were giving us a lecture over the noise, about 5 meters behind the two officers, two of the lads were in the pool rowing around in circles so fucked they oblivious to the fact the police had arrived. Banter mateeeeeeee.


The madness was finally over the following day after another rough night. It was time for some chill out time. The craziest things got for the rest of the holiday was a game of Frisbee golf between 8 of us, which is literally what it says on the tin. It's like a pitch&putt course just you use Frisbee's and have baskets instead of holes. There is something similar in Dublin, but just football golf. I've yet to get around to it, I'll have to make sure I do if I'm around Ireland next summer. I think James came out on top of the Frisbee golf, albeit in controversial circumstances when he was accused of shaving shots off his score.


The next day was exactly what I needed down to a tee. Kai, who is Mimmi's little sister's boyfriend owned a cabin up in the woods. He suggested we go up for the day, chill at the lake and cook some food. It was about an hour drive outside of their local town Järvenpää and one we got there it was just perfection. Mimmi was trying to claim it gets boring after a couple of days, but in that moment I was making big statements about how I could happily spend weeks, if not months in this cabin. The swim in the fresh water of the lake in between 10 minutes stints in the sauna rejuvenated me. I could not think of a single better cure for the weekend in Tomorrowland. It was topped off by an absolutely fantastic dinner cooked by Kai who is a wizard in the kitchen.





The final day on what I assume will continue to be our annual trip to Finland, even if we're no longer living with Mimmi we just played some football out the back garden and a small bit of beach volleyball in a local house estate. The beach volleyball was actually fantastic fun. We didn't start off the best, but once we got going there was some nice rallies and winners being made. One thing that blew my mind how rarely I seen kids out on the football pitch. I honestly can't imagine ever being inside if I'd had this pitch available to me as kid. Guess the PlayStation and iPad's have taking over. Anyway, it was a nice end to the trip and I can't imagine it'll be the last time we make it to Järvenpää.


We've also had a few Finnish visitors to Malta in the past month. First off, Mimmers good friends Julius, Joonas and Riiney visited. The lads were on a bit of a European tour which included Barcelona and Ibiza after Malta. It was great fun to catch up with them again. I took it mostly easy with just a few quiet drunks during the week while they were here because I'd finally got back on the poker grizzy. The highlight was definitely the boat party we all went on. It was the first time I'd gone on one in the 3 years I've been in Malta. The whole concept is madness. It would just never, ever be allowed to happen in Ireland. You pay €35 for this boat to bring you out to sea about 2 hours from shore and they dock up and allow you to swim. At night. Full up of the free booze you also get for that €35. Imagine trying to get insured to run an operation like this in Ireland??? You would literally be laughed out of the office. I guess they'll keep doing it in Malta until the day somebody dies and they'll just be like 'Oh ye, ok ye.... Well guess we can't do this anymore... At least with the free booze'. Classic Malta.


I had to actually jet off a couple of days before our guests went home because I was off to my first ever wedding as an adult. My eldest cousin on my Dad's side, Michael was getting married. I was flying over to Birmingham on the Thursday morning at 5.30am with the wedding that day. So obviously the smart thing to do would have been to get a good night sleep. Be fresh. Well as fresh as you can be after waking up at 4am. So I went for one quiet drink with a friend in town, which naturally turned into 3 bottles of wine and stumbling in the door at 2am when I had to be up at 4am. The next 5/6 hours were pretty rough. Once the church part was out of the way, I'd made it. Snuck up to my room in the hotel where the dinner and reception was, had a little breather and we were all good. I have to say it was one of the most fun days I've ever had. I always hear that weddings are great fun. But I'd never anything to go on myself. Maybe it was just because it was the first time I caught up properly with my cousins in years. Maybe it was because I was pretending I was John Travolta on the dance floor with my Dad. I'm not too sure. All I can say is I'm really looking forward to my Dad's wedding in December now. It should be a lot of fun. The pictures below aren't the best quality but we'll put them up anyway. It's the cousin's with the groom in the middle, my Gran and the old man.




Just when I finally thought I was about to get some routine back in my life there was of course more visitors. That's the one thing I won't miss about Malta. When people come to Malta, they just expect you to be on holidays with them. Especially as a poker player, but it even happens to Mimmi and Sandra too. They just don't understand that even though it's a holiday island you actually live there and have to work..... Sometimes. First up was Jame's two sisters and a friend which only resulted in one proper night out. Was nice to finally meet them for all the stick I give him about two of them. Finally we had mini Mimmi, aka Tyyni. In fairness she was a fantastic guest. Within 10 minutes of arriving off a flight that got in at 9am she decided to take it upon herself to clean our apartment so it was spotless. The rest of her time was spent sunbathing. The only time I hated her a small bit was after our one night out together, when I had got to sleep at 9am, she barged into the room at 11am to drag us to the beach club. I guess it could be a worse life to be fair.



My final last two bits of news. I'M BACK ON TWITCH. Ohhhh ye. It's been going quite decently since we got back. No complaints apart from the internet issues of the past two days that I'm too tilted to type about. Of course inn classic Fintan fashion I've been punting some FT's but this is to be expected. The worst was probably when we were 1/5 with 75bigs to out in 5th in the 265ko when a check raise all in on a river didn't go to plan. The highlight was undoubtedly our win in the Big $33, aka the dream tournament. Got all those $33 shamrocks out in chat. I almost quit the session 3 times earlier in the day as I'd only got 3/4 hours sleep the night previously, missed all the fun stuff in the morning due to being late (hot 109, 82pko, 82 hyper etc) and was playing the worst I'd ever played on stream. Punting it off left right and center. Then the heads up was such a drag, that every time I got a value hand I was trying to 3b get it in, much to the dismay of everybody watching. Definitely wasn't a fantastic performance and I know I'm not great at heads up. But I think I played particularly badly. However, we got the win and for the win you got this dance.

And very very finally. I'm not going to go over this post. It could be all over the place, at least I finally got it out and now hopefully I can start updating with more regular smaller updates. I've never been much of a fan of cats, but I met this lad in the past month. He is a rescue cat and only 2.5 months old. He belongs to my swedish buddy, so has some Swedish name that I can't pronounce. I felt he looked like an Oscar, aka Ozzy. So meet my new best bud who returns my kiss by eating my face.



I'm going to attempt to stream the next two days, then my friends are coming Thursday for my birthday which is on Saturday. 25. GG. I had a good run. Until next time. Cheers for reading.

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