Summer time.


It's officially summer in Malta. The beach clubs are open, the sun is beating down every day and more and more tourists are arriving each day. This is making the schedule I've found myself on the past month or so pretty undesirable. It's making me miss basically everything I moved to Malta for. To be completely honest, I'm not too sure what I'm going to do about it. I haven't really enjoyed streaming the past week.

0c62bb26a9d6247e01993f04e7767086450b4ba372c701566bpimgpsh fullsize distrThere has been quite a lot of trolls in the chat, and the truth is it doesn't bother me what people say to me. It's the effort of deleting comments that other people find offensive, whilst, trying to play 10 tables and comment on my play that was stressing me out. There is obviously a number of sad people out there that try and upset others to make themselves feel better. That's life. I've absolutely no problem with people firing shots at me. I'm the one streaming, I'm putting myself out there, with that you're going to get shit from time to time. However, I've no time for people, unprovoked bullying other people in my chat for no reason. How sad and pathetic must peoples lives be that they made several accounts, one after another just so they could be mean to Mimmi when she came on the stream one of the evenings. Maybe it'll improve, maybe it won't. I just don't want my channel/chat to be a portal or stage where people can bully and inflict their misery upon other people. If any of them trolls do end up reading this, just fire your shots at me. Call me any name under the sun, or laugh at how I play poker. I'll think of you when we're chilling by the pool.


twitch resultsI'd never added up my daily buy ins previous to this week. When I play the 265ko, I came to the realisation my daily buy ins are close to $3k. That's a little bit scary for a daily grind to be honest. Admittedly I do play a lot of bowl comps and small field sizes so my bankroll should be able to handle the variance. However, I might at some stage look to sell some action to friends or on 2+2 for the afternoon higher buy ins. Still a little bit undecided. Obviously this week, my volume was atrocious. I've been enjoying the sun, plus now Mimmis Finish friends are here for 10 days I'm not too sure how much it'll improve this week. I booked a small loss for the week. Which could have turned it into a decent week, when I final tabled the 265ko on Friday afternoon, one tabling it whilst having the peoples champ Jaime Staples on for interview/more chatting shit. I unfortunately made a very optimistic (terrible) hero call on the river to exit in 5th. After discussing it with many people better than me, I was making too many assumptions about his range, and even then he had too many bluffs that beat my hand. We live and we learn.


I'm not going to make too many promises about the week coming. I'll be on tomorrow morning at 8.30am CET. After that. Who knows. Hopefully we can win some gold, get some sun and get closer to the desired 250 games per week. I will make a promise that if I don't play 4 days on twitch this week, I'll get at least part 1 of my poker story published. I think breaking it into two parts, one prior to meeting Kev aka 'Torino2000' and post would be a good way to break up my 'career'. Thanks for reading and hopefully see you during the week! oioi!

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