Am I an MTT pro again?


So we've got through are first month of MTTs. Profit wise it's gone decently, however I'm quite disappointed with my volume. I was home in Ireland for my Mums birthday in the middle, which excuses it a small bit. I'm not going to be travelling at all in June, so for this reason I will be bitterly disappointed if I fail to play 1k games.So even with the success I've had with these early stars, I toyed with the idea of getting on that glory schedule for a few different reasons.

mayFirstly, the games are going to be considerably softer due to the time of year, which plenty of top regs being at the WSOP. Secondly, Jcarver, Jaime, Bigdog etc won't be streaming the evenings. It's definitely an opportunity for me to get my name out there and grow the stream. Ultimately I've decided I need to put my poker first and growing the stream second. I still feel some what silly for that 'Bankroll Challenge' fiasco and the amount of money I cost myself in the time I was participating in that. Long story short, we're sticking to the mornings for now. I can see this blog getting out of hands in terms of words written with the various things I have to talk about, so I'll just get this months graph up and move on.


On Tuesday I participated in a team competition via home games on Pokerstars. It was set up by Jesse May and Jaime, consisting of 5 teams. Jaime and I were captains on two differents teams, whilst both streaming with a google hang out containing our team members. My team consisted of, 'Thegroupiexo' aka Elena, Abe and Ashley. It was good banter, but after a decent two rounds (there was 4 rounds total) unfortunately the alcohol started to possible sway my decision making for the worse. We ended up getting third out of five. Valiant effort I say. The winning team, captained but not exactly carried by my good buddy Mack all received Big 109 tickets, with the second place finishers all getting Big 55 tickets. At least we manged to bluff Jaime once, which Paudie told me he wasn't believing on his stream.

I'm missing 'Beers&Bowties', nevertheless we got a guest on this Friday for the homegame. I had SNE and Sng crusher 'Abarone68' on. It was the first time I had a guest on where i didn't know them personally. So I found it a lot more interesting personally, as was actually asking Aaron about how he got into poker, listening to his answers and probing for more. Rather than just bantering around with a friend. Aaron is also a well articulated, opinionated guy which helped of course. Will definitely look to get him on again in the future, possibly when Stars releases the details of 2016s SNE. Bigdog asked me to go on his stream and do a hand history review with him in the coming weeks, so that could be fun and interesting. He also mentioned about possibly coming on for the 'Beers&Bowties' and letting the moose loose on my stream. I'd really enjoy that, and you'd better fucking believe it we'd resurrect B&B's for the main man. I'll have one of Parker (tonkaaaa), Staples or Bigdog on this Friday hopefully.

lastweek1You might be able to just about see I was rocking my Aston Villa 'Benteke' shirt full of optimism ahead of Saturdays FA cup final vs Arsenal. That didn't exactly go to plan, we got played off the field. Eventually losing 4-0. It capped off a somewhat frustrating week. I was having terribly internet issues at the start of the week. It's just so frustrating for the net to go down, twitch takes min 4.5 mins to get back up, you lose everyone who was watching and also have people telling you, you shouldn't tilt when the net drops. When you're paying close to €100/month, I think you're entitled to be pretty pissed off when it's letting you down. It was on Tuesday when I timed out of 1 tournament heads up, and another 5 handed. Costing me several $100s in equity. I went to sort back up internet the next day, however they wanted me to sign a two year contract and it just seemed like a lot of hassle. It's on the to do list, along with infinite other things. There was in the rest of the week a lot of close calls, most notably 4th in the 265ko on Thursday. Was quite a sad one because I had such a commanding chip lead 4 handed. Not sure it could have been avoided. Was just an unfortunate turn of events for us. At least that booked us a winning week.


Going to wrap this up now. For a person who loves a good plan like myself it's a thing if beauty when things fall into place like tomorrow. It's a Monday, a fantastic day for a clean slate. Plus it's the 1st of June. What a time to be alive. So undoubtedly I have some plans. Now that I've got trips booked for Tomorrowland at the end of July and Finland at the start of August. The plan for the next 7 weeks is to be on that grizzy hard. I've been to the gym 2/4 days. I'm in a lot of pain. But I'm going to attempt to keep the every second day thing going. 'The diet stars tomorrow!' 'The gym starts Monday!' Classic Fintan quotes. This time I mean it...........

I think.





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