Two months, two million.


Ehhhh... Not exactly as the title suggests. However, we have passed the two month mark in our return to the devils game. I have to admit, overall I've quite enjoyed my return to MTTs. Which is obviously aided by the fact we are winning. My only problem in the past few weeks has been trying to find a schedule that enables me to enjoy the beautiful Maltese summer at the same time.

The glory days! (1/2)


My Mum never wanted me to get involved with any form of gambling. I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old and went bowling for a friends birthday party, I used my remaining 40p at the end of the party to have a turn at the slot machines. I can still remember my excitement as the coins came pouring out.

Am I an MTT pro again?


So we've got through are first month of MTTs. Profit wise it's gone decently, however I'm quite disappointed with my volume. I was home in Ireland for my Mums birthday in the middle, which excuses it a small bit. I'm not going to be travelling at all in June, so for this reason I will be bitterly disappointed if I fail to play 1k games.So even with the success I've had with these early stars, I toyed with the idea of getting on that glory schedule for a few different reasons.

Summer time.


It's officially summer in Malta. The beach clubs are open, the sun is beating down every day and more and more tourists are arriving each day. This is making the schedule I've found myself on the past month or so pretty undesirable. It's making me miss basically everything I moved to Malta for. To be completely honest, I'm not too sure what I'm going to do about it. I haven't really enjoyed streaming the past week.

So hell isn't too bad so far...


So a month ago I made a post titled 'Time to dance with the devil'. I was clearly implying that I was going to be gambling it up, battling with the lads and exposing myself to the sometimes brutal variance of MTTs. However, so far it hasn't exactly been like that.

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